Byyyyyye Truman

So I found out last week that I needed a blog post for part of my capstone (aka the final product of being a Visual Communications major at Truman State).  This will be kinda awkward because I am gonna be to lazy to upload photos.. because I already had to compile a butt load into a .pdf for my professor (aka the only person who will most likely read this blog post haha!).  The class has worn me out and basically I no longer want to look at my work, BUT alas tomorrow I have to stand by all of it and talk to people about my work.. yay!  I found that I stuck pretty closely to the time quota we were given, hopefully I can keep up when I get to the workforce.. which is in about like four weeks.  I found working with a club was easier for communication with my client but since it was small I had to consider they have a very very limited budget.  Working with Grandma’s Catering was the exact opposite problem, and they didn’t have to much for me to work on other than their menu re-vamp.  All together I am pretty proud of what I accomplished this semester.

Anyways this post is just kinda my goodbye to my college major (since we were given 0 criteria of what we needed to write).  It’s had its ups and downs over the past four years but I’m still proud I stuck it out.  My peers always talk about: oh yah I changed my major once or twice, but I knew when I decided on a work field I wanted to stay with what I loved.  Unfortunately, this does drain my creative flow and I have found that in my free time I no longer (like the good ole days) turn to art but just hanging out with friends and watching good ole TV.  Capstone was fun and I am happy for whom I choose to work with,  I only hope that my work will find its use in their near future.  Adios to my work with Grandma’s Catering, The Wildlife Association, and of course the last four years in the Visual Communications field.


The Coup De Grâce



Meaning this is my final blog post.. (aka the final death blow in French hahaha). The theme of being human guinea pigs still stayed true to this last half of the semester.  I have become more accommodated to it overall (I wonder how going to Matt’s strict scheduling will affect me, could go badly at first hmm..). My final thoughts on projects are as follows: I wish I had used Blender originally for my 3D object, it makes for an easier time making graphics and realism.  Sketchup was nice but only for it’s simplicity and easiness to grasp. If you are Guinea pigs and the class no longer covers web design.. go to alternatives and don’t try to code things on your own (I liked Wix, Muse, and WordPress). Finally I wish I had more time to tinker with the dome project only getting to chances sets me up for sadness in the fact that it isn’t 100% perfect.. I hope classes after us will prefect the art of projecting dome stuff hehe, I wouldn’t mind dropping in to see.   Overall this semester was an interesting one, I think it was a fun random ride while it lasted.  Cheers to being a senior and having to get super serious from here on out.

Dome Video 1

Dome Video 2



15+ Second Spot 

Orbit Animation 2

Orbit Animation 1


Week 14

The last week of vis com III was working on a new two minute planetarium video..  I decided to use the go-pro and thought it would be a fun idea to take it to the St. Louis zoo and video tape the Wild Life Association’s trip.. but alas the go-pro was dead by the time I got there so instead I ended up taping a typical Thursday in my life… which happened to be making a casserole for a potluck.. anyways I included an out take of my crazy roommate being weird… in a funny way so check that out.

Out take

Dome Video 2

Week 13


18 through 24 Magazine Ad-  I got very very frustrated. came up with a really cool concept of a two page magazine advertisement, but found it hard to execute with a sketch up product.  Also I’ll update how my second run at a magazine ad goes… It was suggested I photoshop it onto a patio display.. but I get a feeling it’s going to appear cheesy.  Which makes me sad.. learned my lesson overall try out the harder program you may find it more useful in the long run to get over the learning curve.

Week 11

April 4 through 10- This week I worked on Presentation and 15 second TV spot.  I think my 15+ second spot is the final product (I used After Effects and iMovie for sound because audio output was being wonky) but the Prezi presentation could use a little re-working and depth it’s a little short for my taste.  When I went up to present I realized either the presenter would need to have more information to talk about to lengthen it or the prezi itself needs to have more material.  I think if time allows it I will go back to put more work into it.  Overall I really like Prezi it’s simple and clean, which I think has a professional look.

Presentation: Prezi

15+ Second Spot: Spot

Week 10

March 28 through April 3- 3D Orbit Animations where pretty easy to do in Sketchup like I learned from the first time around at the beginning of the semester.  Since it didn’t take me to long I made a second so you could see the bottom and top of my product instead of the circle around it.

Orbit Animation

Week 8-9

March 14 through 27- For these two weeks we where given the task of creating a 3D project again, but with a twist.  The project was to take an object and make it a product with surface/texture mapping.  I knew I didn’t have time to fully dive into blender again (although I regret not doing this first semester since it seems to be closer to real life appearance than Sketchup’s products).  I decided to step away from the daunting task of wrapping a cylinder product and did a lamp with an easier surface to mask.  I ended up taking some shots of brass like objects and using it to wrap around my product.  I changed it’s (the brass texture) coloration in photoshop so I could have more of a shadowed affect.

Mid-Term Portfolio



How I’m going to summarize my first semester in visual communications 3: guinea pigs to the max.. Which overall was true learning experience. We started off being the first students to use the 3D printer in a classroom situation, I was thrilled and a little overwhelmed to say the least.. For any kids doing it it the future my warning is keep it simple, and make sure to be ready to re print in a larger scale (as I did for my logo and not checker piece). This is a good senerio for a person who likes no boundaries but for me it was hard to narrow down all my ideas for possible 3D presentations and a website (kind of a little bit of a lesson company branding in a sense). Overall I’m glad to get the chance to try out a whole new genre of art and apply it to what could be a real life scenario.. But at the end of it all I don’t think I would like a career involved with three d design (I would need many many more classes to get into the swing of it).

As an update on our end of the mid term project: we are guinea pigging out round two: planetarium style.. Now this is soooo open ended I’m a little baffled, I’ve been doing a lot of research and will be working over break to get this ready in time for an idea.

RG Productions Website
Prezi Presentation
Checker Animation Video
Logo Animation Video
After Effects Logo

Extra Checker Piece Creations:

King, Queen, Dragon, Cat, and Dog.

Overall I used 79 hours..

A little below the goal of 90 hours halfway throughout the semester.  I’m thinking I should have more work done for the planetarium and thats why I’m a tad bit under hours.




Vis Com III (Week 6&7)

Oh man what a couple weeks these where… so for the most part week 6 was hunky dory we where given the task to create a website for our product (or business as I choose).  Brainstorming I decided to choose Adobe Muse at first, but ran into the issue of time and cash in week 7 (see my ridiculous car story below if interested*).  So in the end I had to move everything over to Wix.  I had never used Wix before and really enjoyed it!  Moving and changing the website to a phone format was a breeze!  I kind of wish I was using Wix for my blog instead (sorry WordPress haha).  Anyways the link to my site is here: RG Productions Website

*Car Story-
I while back on February 16th I decided I would drive my dearest friend Megan and a couple other friends out to eat for her birthday. Everything was fine until after getting some delicious Mexican.. we walked out to my car and it wouldn’t start up at all.  David, another friend who had driven, tried for what seemed an hour in the freezing cold to jump start my dumb Honda Civic Hybrid to no avail.. We all hitched a ride back to the dorms with David and I called a tow to take my car to the mechanics.  The tow truck driver got to the car and called me to bring keys.. Another friend Hannah volunteered to drive me to the mechanic and low and behold her car couldn’t start up as well, I think the day was cursed honestly (she just finally took it in to get looked at last week haha). Anyways friend #2 Erin ended up taking me and I got there and handed off the keys, the tow truck driver went to check if the car would start juuuuust in case.. and guess what?! It did (just my luck honestly, I probably looked like I have no idea how to deal with cars and he figured I was just another clueless college chick).
Anyways so that all happened and finally on Friday I believe, I managed to drive it to O’Riellys to check if it was the battery. They looked at it laughed and pretty much said bro this is a hybrid we don’t mess with these and it’s not the battery. Guess what?! The mechanic I took it to said what needed to be fixed/changed was battery.
The whole thing was a dumb and frustrating ordeal and if that’s how being an adult… is I need to abandon ship and revert back to childhood asap.