Vis Com Week 10: PRODUCT!


So this is where I drop off all my hard work for people to see when it comes to my product project. I still need to figure out how to upload the video and website to be view-able. (Update got video… but no sounds since I had to use gif- oooooh joy) I think for what time I had I managed myself pretty well.. I had to cheat on a little bit and take some shortcuts to complete in time (mockups are a lifesaver), but from what I’ve figured out vis com is all about finding the tricks and shortcuts to improve yourself.

Time Tracked for the week: 22 hours 48 minutes


Vis Com Week 9: and So the Product Begins

Our assignment for the next couple of weeks is picking a product of our choice and re-doing it’s repackaging and advertisement. A little overwhelming to receive a ton of tasks all at once and deciding how to divvy up my time.. but I think overall I had a good start brainstorming making sure to start of ideas and sketches on paper and not jumping to my laptop right away as sometimes I do.

Visual Communication II: Mid term Portfolio

Do not fret! My other class also gets a mid term portfolio! And yet again looking back time has flown by and it all came to a busy busy busy rush this and last week with revisions (yes a little stressful). I used 76.13 hours in the end I feel this is a pretty good time but also means I was under budget and could have used more time for improvement.. I would really like to improve my spreads, I think I could have used more photography (I’m a little to timid about using it since I haven’t had a lot of practice. Overall this semester I will choose the same word to describe my thoughts this half of the semester: satisfied.

Illustration week 6: Graef with Gouache

This was officially my first time working with Gouache and oh how it was a nightmare… so terrifying I might (did) have ripped up my picture….. I honestly forgot to put down the matte coating sooooo it wasn’t like my technique was as bad as I thought, I just was unable to pick anything out so I got frustrated then realized my laughable mistake. Lesson was learned: Follow instructions thoroughly. Side note time tracking for this week I used 5 hours.

Illustrations Week 5: Watercolors to the Max!

Tue- Okay not really to the max in a good way but as in when you make a self portrait and it just feels creepy to the max.. and then you have to put it on facebook.. but people still compliment you on your “awesome skillz” and you feel guilty for not liking your work. I just honestly have a tough time appreciating self portraits maybe it’s the subject matter herself hahaha!